Monday, April 25, 2005

Public Sex Party

Public Sex Party in Birmingham, UK. Union Jack Blowjobs. The chicks in Britain know their stuff. They get right down on their knees and get to work. They don't mind sharing stripper dick either - that's what we call real female friendship!

Check this Public Sex Party and many others.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Cheater and Strippers Wild Parties

A group of international male strippers performing at bachelorette parties, birthday parties or just a girls night out. What differs Loverboys from other male strippers is that ANYTHING GOES. The women go wild for our performers and do some really outragous shit!

Check out this Photos Gallery from one of those parties, or..

Check out here for some Videos.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Canadian Amateurs, Scene 7

This is a lesbian scene set in a beautiful, outdoor location by a lake. Shayla starts out as the aggressor, taking off Cindy's clothes and diving into her muff. Later, we have some great shots of Shayla sitting on top of Cindy and getting eaten out. Cindy finishes Shayla off with a giant blue dildo.

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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Dogging Uncovered

Its seems dogging started in the United Kingdom, but it is spreading very quickly around the world. I did some research and found the following stuff:

"Dogging is most often practiced in cars at rural parks, lover's lanes and superstore parking lots. The term dogging has a number of suggested origins, but it probably refers to the "walking the dog" excuse proffered to spouses for an evening's absence."


"At the meet, cell phones and text messages are used to confirm meeting places and, crucially, identities. Cameras and videophones are increasingly used to record what goes on."

Found that and alot more in the Wired News web site here.

Found also a site where people arrange the meetings for dogging .... check it out here.

Best of all, is the site Dogging Uncovered, that have some videos that people took on scene, when this dogging events happens. You must check this amazing stuff here.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Do you know what Dogging is?

Well i didnt, until i found some site talking about it. It seems, the definition is something like this: "Public sex, usually outdoors, that sometimes involves the voyeurs joining in".
Though dogging started in the United Kingdom, it is spreading very quickly around the world.

Stay tunned i will bring more information soon, meanwhile you can check this site - Dogging Uncovered

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Screw My Wife Please 37, Scene 1

They say the best way to keep a girl from fucking you is to marry her. So how do you keep her from fucking a porn star right in front of you? If you’re smart, you don’t! Just ask Mr. Starr, whose shades barely cover the lust in his eyes as he watches a gorgeous brunette, who is also his nymphomaniacal wife, get worked over by true professional Tyce Bune. Tyce really fucks the shit out of her, and takes her from a shy spouse doing her wifely duty to an writhing, orgasmic (she comes three times, I’d swear) fuck-slut who’s perfectly willing to do it with a complete stranger, right in the back yard, while two guys watch – and one of them is her husband! The great thing is, he couldn’t be more pleased. Nor could she, as Bune blasts his cum into her quivering quim. Do you love it? I do!

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Monday, April 11, 2005

Beach Sex

Grab your longboard & jump on your woody, It's time to ride the BIG ONE!
Amazing beach sex action see some samples from the movie Teen Angel in Paradise.